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EMail Hosting Summary of features

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Core Features

Web Space:

This large amount of web space allows for substantial uploads. Whatever your web needs, this should be sufficient.

Monthly Transfer Volume:

Let ECool's Control Panel help you keep track of your spending. You can check the limit any time you want by log into your control panel, statistics page.
Additional bandwidth is available for just AU$1.00/100MB.

FTP Accounts :

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol used for moving files from one computer to another. FTP enables you to upload your web pages to the ECool server over the Internet.
An FTP client is included as part of the free software package from ECool. You can also download the FTP client from your Control Panel.

Package Features

ECool Control Panel

You can configure and manage all your domain names, e-mail addresses, and your ECool website by using a single, unified ECool Control Panel. Since it's browser-based, you can access the Control Panel from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Marketing Tools

Chat Channels:

Allow your users to have a real-time discussion! Chat Channels from ECool give you live talking support. Your guests can chat with the entire room, or privately in a one-on-one discussion. And since your guests won’t have to download any software, they can check in from anywhere!

ECool WebStatistics

Understand visitor dynamics with ECool WebStatistics. Track which pages are the most popular, how often they are called up, which links brought visitors and much more! Display the information in the format you choose – pie charts, bar graphs or simple numerical output. Use the data to maximize the success of your site!

ECool Newsletter Tool

E-mail newsletters provide an easy, cost-effective way to build and maintain relationships with your visitors and customers. The ECool Newsletter Tool lets you create and send professional-looking e-mail, with no programming hassles! You’ll get everything you need to build your own mailing list, manage recipients’ addresses, track results and more.

ECool FormBuilder

Adding template-driven contact forms, online polls, event registrations and more to your site is a breeze with ECool WebElements. Adapt the templates to fit your site or be creative and easily build your own forms for any purpose. The information that your visitors enter is saved in a special Internet database, so you can view the results any time.

Search Engine Tools

The great search engine tools provided by ECool will help take you through the promotion of your site and monitoring of the results.

Site-Building Tools

ECool WebsiteBuilder

ECool's exclusive WebsiteBuilder makes it easy to create a professional-looking website in a few short steps, with no programming or.php. Ready-to-use templates and WYSIWYG editing give you the power to build a great site in minutes.

ECool Photo Gallery

Put a photo album on your website! Point-and-click simplicity and easy-to-follow menus let you create an online picture show in a few short steps, with no technical knowledge necessary.

FrontPage® Server Extensions

ECool's web hosting servers support FrontPage® Extensions (also compatible with XP, 2000 and 98) so that you can utilize the important FrontPage web functionalities.

Ready-to-Run CGI Library

You can use our ready-to-run interactive features such as visitor counters, guestbooks, or answer forms.

Scripts Supported:

In order to create web pages dynamically we allow the use of the following Script and programming languages: Perl, Python, PHP3, PHP4 and PHP5.

Database Features

MySQL Database

Fast and reliable layers help you generate dynamic web pages. MySQL databases are pre-installed on ECool’s servers and can easily be set up and managed through your Control Panel.

Domain Features

Register Domains:

Create the Internet presence you want by registering the perfect domain name for your site.

Included Domain Names (.com .net .org only): 1

All ECool shared hosting plans include at least 1 domain name (your choice of .com .net .org). You won't pay any registration fees! Use your included domain(s) however you choose – register new domains or transfer existing ones. And, we won’t charge you a penny for your included domain(s) for as long as you host your package with ECool!

Manage Unlimited Domains

With ECool, you can add as many domains as you’d like and manage them all with a single account and a single Control Panel login.


Subdomains divide your main website into smaller sections for easier navigation. Each subdomain is created under the primary domain account and functions as a fully operating site. It's the perfect way to guide frequent visitors directly to their destination.

External Domains :

Use your ECool package by pointing an external domain to ECool. External domains are domains that are not registered through ECool but are pointed to ECool name servers.

DNS Management

ECool DNS management provides you with a reliable and simple way of managing your domains, enabling you to optimize the logistics of your web addresses and sites.

  • Choice of name server
    Point your domain names to whichever domain name servers you would like.
  • A record
    Change your IP Address.
  • MX record
    Change the mail server responsible for directing mail to your domain name.

Domain Contact Management

ECool domain contact management allows easy handling of your domain contacts records (registrant, administrative, and technical contact).

URL Masking

ECool technology allows your domain name to remain on display in the browser's address bar. This is particularly important if you wish to redirect domain names.

Domain Access with or without "WWW"

All ECool web servers are configured to recognize your web address with or without the "www" heading, making it even easier for people to reach your site.

E-mail Features

E-mail Accounts :

ECool lets you choose between POP3 and IMAP, since both protocols are supported. No matter which you choose,
you can configure all aspects of your e-mail accounts at any time through the ECool Control Panel.

IMAP & POP3 Supported

ECool lets you choose your mail protocol! With POP3 (Post Office Protocol-version 3) accounts, you can configure the destinations and personalize every address. With IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), you have the ability to access your mail from any computer since e-mails are stored on the ECool mail server. Plus, you can set up folders so incoming mail can be sorted into the folders you designate.

Mailbox space:

ECool mail accounts have been optimized with 10 MB mailbox space, so you can send, receive and store all your electronic correspondence - even with large attachments!

E-mail Aliases :

Set up an individual address for a subject or a person to be handled under your new domain name. The e-mails are funneled to any e-mail address you choose.

ECool WebMail

ECool's WebMail is the simplest and most convenient way to access your e-mail accounts – any time, anywhere. You can receive, read and send e-mail from any Internet-connected computer, using your unique domain e-mail addresses.
You can also access your ECool WebMail address book and send attachments.

E-mail Forwarding

You can easily divert all e-mails received under your new domain addresses to any other external e-mail address.

E-mail Auto-responder

Create an auto-responder to automatically reply to any e-mail sent to a particular address.

Catch-all E-mail Addresses

This great feature enables you to capture all e-mails that have been sent to a non-existent e-mail address at your domain. This is ideal for recovering e-mail that is incorrectly addressed or misspelled.

Spam Filter & Virus Scanner

Don’t let spam and viruses slow you down. ECool now protects ALL e-mail accounts with DrWeb and customizable Spam Guard, so your inbox is always secure.

Security Features

Firewall Protection

Rest asured that your important data is safe and secure in ECool's Data Center.

Daily Backup of your Website

ECool performs daily backups for every file, on every server. This gives unshakeable reliability and seamless availability to our service.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% satisfaction guaranteed! Try ECool for 30 days, risk-free! If you aren’t happy for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund.
No discussions, no questions asked. Please note: domain registration fees and shipping charges are non-refundable.


24/7 Phone & E-mail Support

ECool offers free, unlimited support by phone and e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The technical support number and contact form are located in your ECool Control Panel. Just log in and visit the 'Help & Contact' section.

For questions regarding sales or product information, Just contact us.

Knowledge Base

Get help instantly with ECool’s konwledge base. Get great tips, and learn how to fine tune your website, enhance your e-mail features, and much more.

Billing Cycle

The packages have a 1-month billing cycle.


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