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Customer Support

ECool Forum

Even though it is not a resource for receiving direct support, but still being maintained as a great sharing community for new ideas and common problem solving. We do monitor the forums to spot issues that are common, stay up-to-date on the latest news, services status, and problem fixes, but offer detailed support only through the helpdesk for our existing customers.
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Send Us Mail

We would like to answer your questions, comments and suggestions as quickly as possible, so we provide you online eamil form while you have no email tools on hand. Please choose the subject of your message from the title options and fill all required fileds then submit it.
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ECool Knowledge Base

The KnowledgeBase is a searchable directory of common problems encountered by our customers. It is consistently update by our support team and provides all the most frequently asked questions, general service problems, and specific technical details on various features of our service products.
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Trouble Shooter

Troubleshooters allow you to follow a series of questions to find a specific answer. Please choose the category that is related to your area of interest to learn how to fix specific problems, perform important procedures and read useful overviews.
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Ticket Center

The priority helpdesk is available to all exiting customers with up-to-date membership accounts. The helpdesk should be used when you are unable to find answers to your questions using the direct Resources. All tickets are first reviewed by our dedicated 1st level support team. Tickets that require further assistance will be escalated to 2nd and 3rd level support depending on the type of issues.
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Download Center

The Downloads Library is organized into different categories, please select a category that you are interested in. Additionally, you can also search the entire downloads library by entering keywords in the navigation bar beside this text.
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