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ECool Networking & System Service

Meet current requirements and support future needs!

Network is the backbone of the business. So when designing network infrastructure, it’s absolutely essential to get it right. ECool understands that building a network infrastructure is a complex task, requiring intensive information gathering, planning, designing, and modeling. We have the resources, experience, and certified professional know-how to design and implement an infrastructure that will meet your network needs.

ECool Networking & System Service

1. WAN/LAN Networking

Provides foundation-up design starting with topologies, address schemes, name structure, and routing.
Optimize (or even bypass) routing to optimize your network performance.
Network and subnet addresses are the heart of any network, so ECool takes extra care in planning, administering, and documenting them.
A poorly planned or undocumented network is difficult to debug or scale. ECool provides comprehensive documentation to provide our clients with a thorough understanding of design features, functionality, and rationale.
Extend the reach of your enterprise network, from floor to floor or coast to coast by wireless and wired connection.
Bring together different systems and technologies to create a network that matches your specific set of requirements, expectations, and budget.
Design, implement, and manage a VPN that is indistinguishable to users from the corporate LAN environment with secure communication over the notoriously wide-open Internet.
To achieve performance, manageability, scalability, and compatibility goals. ECool can quickly extend services as needed, including intelligent networking features, such as quality of service (QoS), virtual LANs, and proxy mobile IP.

2.Wireless Netwroking (WLAN)

Complete wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions for clients that require the mobility, flexibility, and freedom of a WLAN to complement or replace a wired LAN.
Standards-based, field proven, high-speed WLAN solutions for both in-building and building-to-building applications.
Eeasy to manage WLAN solutions includes all required software, hardware, and services.
Services include designing the optimal number and locations of wireless access points.
Because every organization & location is unique, which including building materials, architectural layout, and other factors, site surveys are part of every project.

3. IP Telephony

IPT is based on convergent network technology, in which voice, video, and data flow over the same IP network and share the same infrastructure and administrative resources.
ECool IP telephony Service can reduce equipment and maintenance costs, and improve productivity and communication capabilities.
ECool consultants will interview your users, study your business processes and acquire a working knowledge of your existing infrastructure.
ECool will consider operational, technical, and budgetary factors. The outcome of this process is a gap analysis that indicates how long– and how much – your organization can benefit by migrating to IP telephony.
Based on your needs and existing infrastructure and capabilities, ECool engineers will develop an architecture for the proposed IPT deployment.
A high-level design identifies the key technical and operational components necessary to address your business requirements.
ECool has experience in creating hybrid systems that seamlessly deliver voice, video, and data performance to preserve your investments in existing networks, systems, and software.
When outsouring your network management and monitoring to ECool, we take complete responsibility for maintaining your network at peak levels of performance. Our experts continuously manage and monitor your network systems, allowing your internal IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

4. Data Storage & Networking (SAN)

Identify critical data and key business processes, their susceptibility to loss or disruption, and the potential impact, ensure that organization’s information is manageable, safe, and accessible to meet storage objectives, and requirements.
ECool combines experience, architecture and technology skills, a disciplined project management process, and a focus on results to deliver the cost-effective storage solutions you need.
ECool offers complete storage backup and archiving solutions, including design and development, specialized hardware and software to avoid Data Loss, because of human error, viruses, and hardware or software malfunctions.
ECool use Storage Area Network (SAN) to seperate storage premise management from computer systems it serves, this makes easy to scale storage or server processing power.
Architects SAN with multiple layers of redundancy, both physical and logical, to reduce the risk of disruptions to key business functions. Solutions can include data mirroring between separate sites.
Having solutions combine products, services and support to provide protection, performance and smooth integration across entire business.

5. Network System Security

ECool risk assessment offerings allow corporations to identify critical information and business processes, susceptibility to loss, manipulation, theft, malicious intent, natural disaster, and the impact of any such events.
Our security program development offers organizations with inadequate security programs a way to quickly and efficiently design, implement, and practice a new security program, or to enhance existing security measures.
Using following tools - infrastructure and wireless defense suites, access control and VPN, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, internet content filtering, anti-virus solutions, load balancing to fulfill the job.


Case Satisfied Guarantee
When outsouring your network management and monitoring to ECool, we take complete responsibility for maintaining your network at peak levels of performance. Our experts continuously manage and monitor your network systems, allowing your internal IT staff to focus on their core responsibilities.


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